Participating Companies

activity works

Activity Works integrates 12-minute exercise bursts with core curriculum for elementary classrooms. Scientifically developed, this plug-and-play program is used to maximize academic performance, combat obesity and meet state mandates for physical

tune into reading

TUNEin to READING is the research-proven, computer-based reading intervention that uses engaging musical activities to boost reading

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Learning Bird is a web-based application of digital lessons made by real teachers for use by students and teachers. Free for teachers, this solution aligns all of their lessons to curricula and textbooks in order to match them to students based on their needs.

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Verso is an easy to use mobile app that enables every student voice. Verso elicits authentic student response and enhances teachers questioning skills, it also allows them to formatively assess their class and differentiate instruction. Verso Campus makes the learning visible in each individual classroom for administrators. 

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GPALOVEMATH™ is a cool web-based math program for children in grades K-5 from GPA LEARN™. Animated characters serve as “Learning Coaches,” offering supplemental help with over 150 lessons and over 10,000 practice problems per grade. Mastery of all math skills is possible through GPALOVEMATH™.

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Vizzle is an innovative, research-based program aimed at supporting the academic, social and communication needs of learners with autism, as well as supporting the educators and parents of those children.